Consulting, Training & Coaching in the areas of Finance and Risk Management all across Europe.

Consulting in Finance, Value and Risk Management

Increase your organization’s performance with expert advice

Making the right choice is crucial for the performance of your company.
At Onyx Consulting, we specialize in Finance, Value & Risk Management. We are dedicated to helping CEOs, CFOs and Risk Managers optimize their performance in line with their own business strategy. Our expertise and experience enable us to work with a broad range of companies from SMEs to multinational organizations within different sectors.
By stepping into your organization’s operations and culture, we are able to fully understand your environment and challenges and provide the best tailored advices for your company’s success.

Why hire Onyx Consulting?

Top Quality Consultancy

We help you make the right choice at the right time through tailored services to improve your business’ long-term performance.

Holistic Approach

Our expertise enables us to advise from starts-up to multinational organizations.

Experienced Consultants

With more than 10 years experience, our team is committed to make your organization achieve its goals.

Our dedicated team provides you with consulting services within Switzerland and all across Europe.

For any specific requirements, contact us right away.


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