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In 1971【第2類医薬品】ハニドール 150錠×10個セット 便秘薬 瀉下薬 ホノミ漢方 剤盛堂薬品 送料無料, President Nixon imposed national price controls and took the United States off the gold standard出品前にクリーニング済送料無料LOUIS VUITTON ルイ・ヴィトン マフラー M72935カシミヤ100%・ブラック【LOUIS VUITTON】【ルイヴィトン】【マフラー】【中古】, an extreme measure intended to end an ongoing currency war that had destroyed faith in the U観葉植物 アーバンアレカパーム1.7(ポリ製) フェイクグリーン インテリア 人工観葉植物 室内 光触媒 おしゃれ 緑 グリーン.Sエラー. dollar【ロッテノータイムガム (16181) ※セット販売(20点入)】2017年 販促品?ノベルティグッズ【楽ギフ_包装】. Today we are engaged in a new currency warKalita(カリタ) 水出しコーヒー器具 水出し器10人用 ゴールド S 45087【同梱・代引き不可】, and this time the consequences will be far worse than those that confronted Nixonラバーメイド キューブトラック 400L ホワイト 461401.

Currency wars are one of the most destructive and feared outcomes in international economics☆☆【NSIE7244GS】防犯カメラ専門店SKS防犯カメラ周辺機器. At best象印 EL-MA30 ブラウン [圧力IHなべ (調理:1.5L/炊飯:0.54L)], they offer the sorry spectacle of countries’ stealing growth from their trading partners【運賃見積り】【直送品】サカエ SAKAE 中量キャスターラック NKR-8154GGJ. At worst, they degenerate into sequential bouts of inflation, recession, retaliation, and sometimes actual violence. Left unchecked, the next currency war could lead to a crisis worse than the panic of 2008.

Currency wars have happened before-twice in the last century alone-and they always end badly. Time and again, paper currencies have collapsed, assets have been frozen, gold has been confiscated, and capital controls have been imposed. And the next crash is overdue. Recent headlines about the debasement of the dollar, bailouts in Greece and Ireland, and Chinese currency manipulation are all indicators of the growing conflict.

As James Rickards argues in Currency Wars, this is more than just a concern for economists and investors. The United States is facing serious threats to its national security, from clandestine gold purchases by China to the hidden agendas of sovereign wealth funds. Greater than any single threat is the very real danger of the collapse of the dollar itself.

Baffling to many observers is the rank failure of economists to foresee or prevent the economic catastrophes of recent years. Not only have their theories failed to prevent calamity, they are making the currency wars worse. The U. S. Federal Reserve has engaged in the greatest gamble in the history of finance, a sustained effort to stimulate the economy by printing money on a trillion-dollar scale. Its solutions present hidden new dangers while resolving none of the current dilemmas.

While the outcome of the new currency war is not yet certain, some version of the worst-case scenario is almost inevitable if U.S. and world economic leaders fail to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors. Rickards untangles the web of failed paradigms, wishful thinking, and arrogance driving current public policy and points the way toward a more informed and effective course of action.

Jacqueline Haverals, Managing Director of Onyx Consulting, holds a Master in Financial Engineering, a PhD in Economics and Management, several professional financial certifications like the CFA, FRM and CQF, an Executive Master in Tax Law as well as several certifications in international tax law.


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