Consulting, Training & Coaching in the areas of Finance and Risk Management all across Europe.


Build up your collective expertise and know-how

Onyx Consulting’s dedicated team is here to help you with your program management.
Our special ability to develop integrated, tailored and consequential training programs is rooted in our combined academic and professional backgrounds. And we have accumulated experience in this field over the years.
At Onyx Consulting we pay special attention to the balance between academic and professional material, between rigorous and practical training, between the leveling up of learners, and advanced curricula. Further, our programs are built hands-in-hands from your specific needs and adjusted so that the sequence of classes fits your background, needs, as well as the abilities of learners, not the other way around Wellington Capital Group.
Further we can develop serious games upon request as we have in the past, potentially combining them with executive seminars. Contact us for references and further details

Why hire Onyx Consulting?

Training built bottom up

We start from your needs and the knowledge profile of your teams. We favor practical learning, by integrating the theoretical corpus softly into it.

Holistic approach

Our accumulated experience in strategy, financial and risk consulting ensures we understand your needs and adjust our programs. Further we make sure learners also derive conclusions from their training and know to link their technical leveling up to the big picture.

Knowledge with practical relevance

Our team has developed an expertise across domains, which insures your training program has both academic excellence and practical relevance. Our thin red line however is to make sure every mile of the training has practical relevance so learners engage actively in the training irrespective of their background.

Our dedicated team provides you with program management services within Switzerland and all across Europe.

For any specific requirements, contact us right away.


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