Consulting, Training & Coaching in the areas of Finance and Risk Management all across Europe.

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 Trainings in Finance, Value and Risk Management

Develop your skills with top financial trainings

Employees lack of skills can lead to poor company’s performance.
At Onyx Consulting, we specialize in Finance, Value & Risk Management in-house trainings. We deliver professional trainings and seminars in French or English. …
Our experience in Strategy consulting and teaching gives us an hedge to train professionals from a broad range of departments to financial and risk issues, as well as to enlarge the understanding and know-how of financial professionals to embrace the complete value-chain in a corporation.
We cover a broad range of topics such as Risk Management, Products of Islamic Finance, Alternative Investments, International Tax Law, Emerging Markets, Portfolio Management, Corporate Strategy, Corporate Finance, topics at the intersection of finance and strategy, Valuation, Financial Modeling on Excel, and Liability management
Our expertise and experience enable us to tailor all our trainings and seminars to any needs and levels required from undergraduates to CEOs and Risk Managers.


Risk Management

We help current and future risk managers to identify, quantify, and report the three main types of risks that a financial company faces: market, credit & operational risks.

Products of Islamic Finance

We provide strong insight into the foundations, characteristics, and theoretical as well as practical applications of Islamic Finance.

Alternative Investments

What are those kinds of investments? How are they useful and how can you benefit from including them into your portfolio?

International Tax Law

International tax laws are constantly changing. Ensure that your company is optimizing its tax burden.

Emerging Markets

Investing in emerging markets raises many questions related to international flow of funds, transfer pricing as well as FX hedging and management.

Portfolio Management

Our experience enables us to adapt this training to every level: from students in finance to asset managers by covering and assessing the current and new methods.

Financial Modelling on Excel

One of our specialties is to provide teaching on the fundamental financial principles from a purely practical approach, learning by doing, and at the same time developing know-how or expertise on Excel modeling.

Corporate Finance

We cover the usual financial curriculum in corporate finance with an approach finely tailored at your audience, either based on the usual rigorous training or on a more intuitive approach for learners who need it. We are versed in hands-on classes, with many practical exercises, and real cases, as we do in corporate strategy. Topics covered include the basics of risk-return relationships, CAPM, financial structure, long-term financing, etc.

Corporate Strategy and Performance Measurement Systems

Our experience in Strategy teaching and consulting gives us a hands-on approach to teaching strategy, as well as an ability to teach any class at the intersection between corporate finance and strategy, such as financial analysis, or performance measurement systems

Liability management, shadow banking, to-and-fros of the financial crisis

We can teach a large range of specialized topics related to the re-financing of banks, asset-liability management, issues about structured finance, or still seminars about the past financial crisis, its drivers, and the lessons learned (or not learned).

Valuation, Asset Management, Private Equity

From the basic tenets of corporate valuation to more advanced topics such as mergers and acquisitions or private equity, we cover the whole range of issues around valuation. We are happy to bridge the class to strategy topics, or to extend it to formal practical modeling such as acquisitions vs. private equity. Our expertise resides as well in our ability to reflect together on the tricks and traps of valuation, becoming knowledgeable about the interaction between the technical approach to valuation and negotiation.

We tailor all of our training seminars to your participants and your needs.  We currently deliver these trainings within Switzerland and all across Europe, East, West.

For any specific requirements, please contact us right away.


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